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My approach

Inspired by travels and encounters, I feed on the interplay of materials and colors to let an inhabited sensibility express itself, specific to each ceramic.  


The character of each of them is suggested to me by the play of curves of the earth and the possibilities of movement of the enamel. The form then guides the composition to reveal the personality of each piece. I affix my enamels with a brush, trusting the gesture and the moment.


I like to create varied and changing decors. They reveal either the feature of a garment, a skin, a story and give free rein to the multiplicity of stories. The depth of the ceramic color, the enamel, bases my creations. Like the Impressionist painter, I compose my own palettes to leave light and its movement at the heart of the proposals.  


My ceramics condense the power of life, the vital force that the fire has imprinted on the earth in the oven, and the intelligence of man to imagine and remember.

I tend to associate the freedom of the viewer with the suggestive power of emotions.


The heart of my creativity is expressed thanks to the infinite games that the PICTURE collection offers me. Based on seven matte enamels of my composition, I explore the twelve effects it conceals by associating balance and fantasy. Its colorful harmony allows me to constantly revisit the approach to color in the service of each piece.

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My story

I was trained by Augusto Tozzola, renowned turner and recognized teacher, from October 2013 to June 2015. This period allowed me to experience the intense life of the workshop and to ultimately choose another professional voice after a first career in communications.

Graduated in political philosophy, I have always pursued several paths between reflection and expression, practicing several instruments and plastic arts. At the time of my retraining, I was exploring the world of movement theatre. A certain perceptible continuity revealed itself to me with the apprenticeship of filming.

Going around connects me to an emotional intelligence, to a relaxed requirement that totally mobilizes, where the course of time calms the gesture. A certain internal silence connects our being to our creation. It is about careful relaxation, acquired through experience, repetition, failure, humility in the face of matter.


The second strong element of my career is my relationship with enamel. I followed a lively appeal of color and the mysteries of his ceramic renderings, honed by my encounters and wanderings in potters' markets. Enamel has always spoken to me through its depth, its subtlety, its effects. I have made it the heart of my creative approach.

I feed on these two moments, turning and creating enamel, both meticulous, ancestral know-how, and always fundamentally in dialogue with the earth.

I have been a member of Ateliers d'art de France since May 2018.



2019 - Finalist of the Rotary Club Arts and Crafts Award - Paris.

2019 - Finalist of the regional competition of Ateliers d'art de France.

2016 - Finalist - 3rd Women's Entrepreneurship Trophy - Paris.

2016 - Finalist - 6th Future Creators Trophies  - Paris.

2016 - Winner of the NewPort - Pantin neighborhood call for projects.


2004 - DEA in political philosophy on civic engagement in the republican tradition based on the work of Nicolas Machiavelli

2015 - CAP Ceramic Turner


4 Hamel Lelegard

50410 Percy in Normandy

Phone: 06 09 54 06 29

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